Breaking into pieces, you stand with whatever is left, the very core of who you are ,the CRYSTALLINE diamond, the “filling” THE TRUE BEING OF LIGHT AND LOVE. Although you may feel alone as the process unfolds breaking the mind down piece by piece, as source screams “Wait, No”.

The thoughts begin falling away because love as you accept and acknowledge is always ever present, your heart recognizes the illusion, and starts transmuting everything you “thought” you were and leads you to the heart of the being, feelings rush in as the true being emerges out of the seemingly destruction of a mind in a box, leaving you with the reconstruction to forge ahead in all its grandness, into divine intelligence of Love.

The “Lower mind of EGO(3rd dimension)”which projects lower frequency emotions, dissolves so that the divine and magnificent being that you are can raise up into your true divinity from within, and begin once again “feeling” instead of “thinking” taking the highest version of yourself – The true being of Un-conditional LOVE into a collective consciousness, a God Consciousness- with many names. You become whole and ALL IS CLEAR. For you are here, Why I dont know either? But it’s for a pretty damn good reason.


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