For all who need help but cant ask.
Who are living for other people because you think it will make you happy.
For all who think you are not good enough for anything/anyone.
For all who don’t know why they feel what they feel. Its not wrong to feel, its not wrong to be who you are, its not wrong to question your thoughts, feelings and actions. Just like I did. Don’t run away from yourself. Allow your doubts and belief systems to be shattered. All you have to do is will it and work towards it. Not being able to control your mind and emotions. Isn’t it the ultimate slavery? Freedom is not from governments, it is from your mind.

IT IS NOT HARD to just be. Believe it.
There is a world beyond your suffering, there is a world right where you are, but can you see it?
It is not necessary to suffer in your thought loops of unconsciousness, stop choosing suffering unconsciously. Accept you create your reality.
Everyone no matter the age, is Always here to help you grow even if you cant see… you know you are not the same person you were even 1 month ago. Change is the only constant.
CHANGE consciously now, drop down to your heart through the only thing that does not have a contrast in this world, breathe… IT WILL LEAD YOU TO YOUR HEART.
Awaken to your divinity, wake up from your amnesia. Its enough now :’)

We cry in love and we will wait in love no matter how many days, years, lifetimes…
Again, and again… and again.

I love you very much :’)

Affirmations are a way to True peace as you REPROGRAM your belief systems, write these down everyday for 7 days.


I am in control of my thoughts and emotions. I can respond in my highest interest, in any situation. I feel a great sense of happiness, security and well-being. I feel grateful for all the abundance that flows into my life. I accept, appreciate and love myself unconditionally, I feel an abundance of positive energy all around me. I am a channel of peace and well-being. I am peaceful and calm in any situation. I choose peace. People feel peaceful and comfortable around me. I am filled and surrounded with positive energy. I always express myself from my peaceful and unconditionally loving heart. I encourage peace in all my interactions with others. I give and receive peace and love gracefully and easily. I experience a sense of peace and love with every breath I take. My need for peace is abundantly met. I am at peace within myself. I feel centered in the peaceful loving energy of my heart. I recognize and encourage the peaceful nature of others. I see a peaceful resolution wherever conflict exists. I recognize that peoples’ natural way of being is peace and love. The opportunity for peace is always present. I choose peace. Everything in the world begins with a thought. My thoughts are those of peace. I bring peace into moments of chaos. I am an island of calm in a sea of uncertainty. Slowly and deeply, I inhale a calming breath. All is well, right here, right now. Today I embrace simplicity, peace and love. I create peace in every experience. Peace comes when I let go of trying to control every tiny detail. The world is a peaceful, loving and enjoyable place to live. I am at peace with my choices. I have a peaceful and calm spirit. I can release my past and live with calm and serenity. I have a peaceful and calming heart and soul. Everyone around me is at peace with each other. My environment is a sanctuary of peace. My work environment is peaceful and quiet. I am aware of all of the beauty around me. I embrace my oneness with nature and all beings on this planet. I inhale uplifting feelings of peace and calm. I exhale and release any tension or stress. I let go of fear and embrace love. I connect with the comforting silence of my soul. No matter what events occur during my day I remain calm and centered. I enjoy the natural flow of this day; whatever it may bring. I live and enjoy fully the present moment. I radiate peace and love out to others, helping them to be in peace and in love. I open my heart to receiving love fully today. All my relationships are loving and harmonious. I am providing a harmonious place for myself and those I love.  


  1. Jay says:

    Hi Sushmi! Just wanted to thank you for posting this article and for all the things you’re doing for the world right now!

    I don’t know if you remember me, but you helped me and my friend back in December of 2017 when you gave us a reading at Christiana Mall. You told me about how I was a Starseed from Andromeda and how we knew each other in a past life. I still think about how much you’ve helped me change my own life since then. Your cleansings helped us so much, and we still talk about you even to this day!

    I just wanted to catch up with you and see what you were up to. Hope you’re doing well! 🙂

  2. Jay says:

    Hi Sushmi! Just wanted to thank you for posting this article and for all the things you’re doing for the world!
    I dunno if you still remember me. You gave me and and my friend a reading back in December 2017 when you were working at Christiana. You told me I was a Starseed from Andromeda, and my friend was a lightworker. We still think about the positive impact you’ve had on my life to this day.
    Just wanted to see what you were up to. Hope you’re doing well! 🙂

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