Who am I?

Good day!
We know exactly who is listening, each one of you. Before listening to this, we suggest you to come down to your heart from your Mind and thought loops that you are focused on right NOW and instead focus on the FEELING of the energy we are offering and tune into the wisdom shared without judgement which will allow for activation’s to occur during and throughout the video. Let’s just take a DEEP BREATHE. If you have been lead to this, have no doubts! FEEL IT IN YOUR BONES as truth, the jitters you feel as the KNOWING that you are. For all the people who need help but cant ask, for all who felt a longing but dont know for what. For all who are living for other people because you think it will make you happy.
For all who think you are not good enough for anything/anyone.
For all who don’t know why they feel what they feel. For all Who are suffering, without Direction. With Dna activation, AT LEAST YOU’LL KNOW WHY. Your negative thoughts are any increasing if you havn’t realized, looping and ALL ARE a victim of depression you just dont know it no matter who you are, every human is going through it and dont know why they are creating the reality they are. 
All your impulsive actions, where are they coming from? Have you ever thought about that? So where are they coming coming from? YOU! Yes. You are a creator, infinite power of LOVE lies dormant within you, which the 3D lower mind can not fathom. With every thought you listen to and accept as your own you create, but you don’t know and don’t accept it because a part of you does not want to you to.
So now, because of this, is EGO the enemy? NO, its a child who got lost in the 3rd dimensional HAVOC and was shielding the divine child doing everything it could to protect your innocence,  not knowing the innocence got lost it in it, which lead you to believe every doubt-Fear(-ve/Type 2) based thought forms/loops as YOUR OWN and attract more of the same frequency of the thoughts you believed as your own. EGO has been your shield all your life, it protected you, It does not know better and because its only as old as your body, but YOU my dear are an eternal being who KNOWS.
There is never anything to fear, within or without, when you start to know and believe that YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN REALITY.
Now… when you are looking at the screen or hearing me..
Are you just hearing me? Isn’t your focus in your mind too? listening to your thoughts as you read/ hear and while doing every other thing that you do on a daily basis is a default setting of EARTH right now, Not being able to control your own thoughts and feelings, you have a choice to NOT KNOW OR KNOW.
We are in a matrix game willingly, no matter your EGO believes it or not. You are a beautiful being, TO GROW, TO EVOLVE and to finally KNOW and FEEL that we are ONE of the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE as much as we can. ONE HUMAN FAMILY.
BUT BECAUSE I AM IN LOVE, in nirvana even when I AM IN PAIN. Pain transmutes into nirvana when we Realize We create our reality through thoughts and feeling and we had to experience it to BECOME WHO WE ARE TODAY.
First step is to accept that you created it. Everything in your reality manifests for you to grow. To experience and merge with divinity, some call it source, some call it Shiva,Yahweh, Elohim, Holy SPIRIT but it is the same energy signature. No matter what you believe in, know that its always in you. Trying to guide you, trying to show you that you create YOUR OWN LIFE, through feelings and thoughts.Even though your mind now is doubting and debating and trying to figure all this out, if you can shift your focus to your heart and start to FEEL you will realize and resonate with this information from your higher self, you can change how you think and FEEL by just breathing into it, By breathing into it you give the thought LIFE by feeling the thought no matter the polarity without giving it meaning, you release it.
During hardships, You ask and cry for help it always comes in the form of a smile or a slap in your energetic field Haha ( Doesnt hurt ) but is the same effect. YES, WE ARE INFINITE CREATORS.


Question your thoughts, feelings and actions. Don’t run away from yourself. Allow your doubts and belief systems to be dissolved by a smile.
You need to know and believe that its not wrong to feel, its not wrong to be who you are, its not wrong to feel darkness and -ve emotions. E-MOTIONS = Energy in motion, you feel them and let those feelings burn every last piece that is left of you which was allowing you to feel that way after which it dies down and dissipates because it’s not needed and the lesson is learnt, acceptance of that knowing that you create your own reality will slowly sink in and that every situation/circumstance in your life was YOUR CREATION. you always choose the thoughts as your own which lead you to to FEEL FEAR in all forms, due to your belief systems. What are belief systems? All your life the movies you watch, the conversations you have, the definitions and judgments you pass, everything you take in unconsciously or consciously through your SENSES is saved in your subconscious memory building your BELIEF SYSTEMS.
You remember when you first touched your first love? The feeling you felt?
The love you saw and felt in your parents eyes for the first time when you realized how much they love you? The first time you felt ecstatic/ content/ fulfilled?
Those feelings are ALWAYS THERE. ALWAYS!
Our thoughts don’t let us feel them, as you believe each thought as your own and accept them, followed then by generating a feeling matching the same frequency of the thought you accepted as your own, then again followed by that feeling attracting more of the same frequency, following the thought and feeling cycle..(LAW OF ATTRACTION/ Hermetic principle of the Universe) ITS A LOOP, just like the Universe has season and cycles, we are organic beings, we too have cycles but what frequency do we choose to cycle/loop in is our choice and to feel Love/Bliss/Happiness in every moment. How do we do that? It is done by choosing the thoughts that are of the highest frequency which then lead to a loop of bliss in our toroidal field or MERKABA. Universe loves you infinitely, so it gives you unconditionally what YOU DESIRE even it is dark(in earth terms).Universe is irrespective of you being conscious or NOT, it see’s you an infinite being who are ALWAYS connected to ALL, so you CO-CREATE your reality ANYWAY but to experience what you desire, One needs to realize that by FEELING/THINKING what you want in this NOW every moment CONSCIOUSLY, you can create/change your reality. Heaven is not somewhere up there, it is in your heart. Sounds strange and known but dont know what that means, right? Lets talk about breathe. It is the only element in the world without a contrast, the mind has -ve and +ve, the world has hate and love, Good and bad, Duality. But only breathe does not have anything in contrast to it, because of which we don’t think about it. Now because we cannot see breathe, is it non-existent?
Just because you are unconscious of your CREATION POWER are you not a creator? You can believe YOU ARE NOT all you want, but oh well YOU ARE.
Breathe is our basic commodity which is common sense. The breathe will take you straight to your heart center, because if you focus on your mind you hear your thoughts (DEFAULT 3D settings) but when you focus on the breathe which does not have any contrast, it takes you to yourself. The power house for ultimate Unconditional love of source, your kundilini then will shoot open and YOU WILL BECOME ONE WITH ALL. Just because you are unconscious of your CREATION POWER are you not a creator? You can believe YOU ARE NOT all you want, but oh well YOU ARE.


We are made of energy, and just knowing this simple equation allows you to understand that Meditation is nothing but wires of focus merging at same point and charging the point. COHERENCE. FOCUSING AT A SINGLE POINT.
So if you focus at one point, it grows, if feelings add to the focus, it manifests into your reality.
MEDITATE. Meditation is nothing but coherence of energy, focusing at one point with intent of expansion. However you already do it every moment, but when you co-create consciously, you can create what you desire.
Break your belief systems by focusing on the intent to break and collapse them to reprogram your subconscious memory to manifest a life of peace, happiness and harmony.
Focus on your heart, every negative thought you have, SPEAK A CONTRASTING POSITIVE THOUGHT INTO THE UNIVERSE to manifest a life you DO desire, consciously. Begin to accept and acknowledge that you create your reality, when this belief system become the basic program of your subconscious you life will begin to change right in front of your eyes and you start to feel PEACE, you can change any aspect of your life by breathing into the reality you want to create for yourself.
Its important to know to the AWAKENING that ITS OKAY to Feel JEALOUS, its okay to Feel hate, its okay to FEEL. Its okay no matter what vulgar/ negative / dark thought you have, they are not yours UNTIL CHOOSE THEM TO BE. You are just hearing them because that is the belief systems you built since BIRTH. First step is to accept that your created it.To grow. To experience and merge with divinity,
With pain exists love.
With failure exists success. With Hate exists compassion.
Without contrast there would be no 3rd dimensional reality, our game CAN NOT EXIST.
We are in a world of duality. THIS is the game we are here to PLAY. If a being does not choose to be in heart by choice, When you hit the rock bottom because of your low vibrational thoughts and feelings you collapse and WILL BE AT THE BREAKING POINT and CRY, “FUCK THIS SHIT I DON’T WANT TO BE HURT by people, FEEL ALL THESE FEELINGS of hate, jealousy, lust, greed. That’s not who I am , I deserve love, I dont deserve pain and suffering. I want to be loved and to just love. To be free, truly free from your mind” When you breakdown and shout it out to the universe, is when you will realize that you always were FREE but locked yourself in a SELF MADE (Egotistic-Illusion( MAYA of your MIND made belief systems)). When you realize, nothing from OUTSIDE/External can make you HAPPY..
When you are fed up with materialistic things which once made you happy, dont matter anymore because you are suffering from WITHIN. When you are FED UP enough that you breakdown for change and accept that nothing but emptiness makes you truly happy. IS when you shall open your heart to ULTIMATE INFINITE POWER OF LOVE. But always remember the journey to your heart, IT WILL TAKE AS LONG OR SHORT AS YOU BELIEVE IT WILL. To come to your still point, to YOUR CENTER. Stillness. 0 point. Harmonic convergence.Yin yang, left and right hemisphere merge with heart and opening your 3rd eye. Then you’ll know… when the day comes, All the suffering, all the pain, all the hurt and havoc you experienced ALL WAS WORTH IT, all in the name of LOVE. All in the name of LOVE and until then we shall wait for you on the other side.Just like we always do. Again..and again and again 😉


I have a Page for affirmations to REPROGRAM YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MEMORY, to manifest a reality where there is bliss even in pain. TRUE FREEDOM in LOVE. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH :’)

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