THERE’s going to be a lot of stuff that is going to come up.. I want to tell you this as you have begun your ascension, the process is never about the goal or a reaching point of ecstasy which is your end game.

 No matter where you are, what you are doing, what body you take on, it does not matter there is never going to come a point when everything is OKAY to your mind, THAT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPENED. 

Your 3D lower mind which you are allowed to now access is only as old as your incarnation, it will never understand or can retaliate what is GOING ON. EVER.

Energies are going to come up! The earth is going to in 3D terms have a lot of destruction energies come up and purge, which has already begun. Energies which need love are going to surface and when delt with, You will have epiphanies and come to love and then your higher self will release more for you to integrate. Its GOING TO REPEAT UNTIL YOU LIVE and EMBODY 5th dimensional State of being. 


Dismantle your thoughts, for until you are completely clear of all your thoughts .. which will ONLY HAPPEN WHEN YOUR FREQUENCY IS LOVE, because anything else cannot merge you with your 5D self, only with self love can you understand what EGO is and why it exists to fulfil its true beautiful and its magnificent purpose, for then you shall SEE.

So there’s going to be A LOT OF PAIN AND SUFFERING, a lot of crying and feeling hurt guilty, shame, hate, jealousy AND all low vibe’ emotions, if you are in your thoughts and if your focus is coherent with your thoughts, the pain and suffering… which you never even knew existed that are going to surface infinite fold and always only how much you can integrate each time and never more or never less. 

Your higher self is all encompassed and it always knows, when you think and believe you are only YOU, you think of yourself as separate from the universe and that is why you worry, but when you start to experience as you are integrating into your magnificence, you will experience just like you move your hands.. when you believe and know and trust that the universe is YOU. Everything flows to you. Because it is a part of you and SEPARATION IS A 3D construct needed for us to play this game. Become the observer do not be involved, detach for its the easiest way ; )


The more you focus and be IN THE NOW, all your fractals are going to merge in this now reality, thats basically called enlightenment.

Its common sense really, for us galactics. Its a piece of cake if you are in your centre. Its your worst nightmare if you are circling in your thought cycles because every thought your mind has EVERY ONE OF THEM, will seem ABSOLUTELY real to you, because you are GOD obviously (we’ve establishes that already, as you are reading this) and they all exist in the mind realm and in the dimension of 4D = of the mind. But it is an illusion, because you create, you can destroy it with love and only with love can you unite dimensions for there is nothing outside of it and nothing above it. Just relax and flow and know that you got everything you need always and in your thoughts when your anxious you are in your future 4D timeline and when you are in worry you are in past 4D timelines, and you FEEL THEM AND THEY FEEL BAD because thats the way of universe showing you, THIS IS WHAT YOUR TUNING INTO, ‘let me know what’s up, do you want to continue this or WHAT?’ This is literally universe asking you legit. No kidding. So choose, no matter what you went through, don’t matter what, if you discuss it, it grows in emotions you are tuning into that frequency which through LAW OF ATTRCATION attracts more of the same and the blah blah cycle. So stop the victim mentality that you are being a victim of the universe and take your POWER BACK from self loathing. If you want to clear it stop talking, FOCUS ON LOVE. Simple it is, if can tune in to the wisdom of this teaching.

I want to conclude by saying, you who read this, I know who you are, you ARE RIGHT ON TRACK.

Prepare, listen to 825hz, binaural beats, delta waves WHILE you sleep. I and all your fam’ can connect in your dreamtime, because REM sleep is theta state, so your conscious mind is out of the frame. 

So the last thought in which you sleep is the vibration you carry for the entire span of your sleep cycle, so just binaural beats when you sleep is good, you’ll be healed when you wake up for the next integration to begin.

It’ll make your life easier, also DO NOT PROCRASTINATE and be lazy, that’s a low vibe. Trust me, you don’t want to stagnate in LIFE!

Do what you love and BE A CHILD, that’s who you are. Be a loving parent to your inner child and nurture its roots for you are being born as a GALACTIC BEING, yet again.

Welcome home.

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