IMPORTANT : Forgiveness. What it really means and Affirmations to enter NEW EARTH.

star-seed’s who are going through major shifting RIGHT NOW and feeling these March and April energies rushing into your spines as are releasing lifetimes of pent up energies within your DNA, you start to SEE what you have done all your life and many times, you realize the energies you have given IN to and cannot quite comprehend then scream and CRY, ” WHY THE F would I do that? I am disgusting, I cannot comprehend and ever understand how I could cause such stir up, give in to these lower energies in these ways even though it was because of the collective energy of all beings HERE ON EARTH I can never forgive myself in any way, I don’t deserve this, I don’t deserve forgiveness nor I deserve Love” This is the low vibrational PAIN filled song your mind/your EGO plays on repeat and it circles you in the cycle of VICTIM mentality YET AGAIN and again. You don’t understand when this will stop and you fall on your knees crying asking ‘ HOW LONGER is this FOR, Please grant me FREEDOM!’

What is the SOLUTION?

Frankly – Let me be straight up,
if you want to achieve a higher state of consciousness, there is only ONE WAY, you think you have a choice but you DON’T. YOU HAVE TO LET GO AND SURRENDER, FORGIVE and stop acting like the victim in every situation, BE STRONG and say, ‘F THAT SHIT that’s not me, IT CANT BE, I did what I did cuz’ I was INFLUENCED’ and that’s all there is to it beings around you don’t care if you cry in repentance just cuz’ you want them to know you are sorry, THEY DON’T CARE, they want you TO LET GO! and say I was unconscious when I choose those choices and through the unconsciousness WITH FREE WILL I AM NOW ASCENDING and DAMN SON! that actually makes me MAGNIFICENT for I dint go through all that unnecessary pain for nothing, it has a purpose but NOT ANYMORE. I AM AMAZING! and without those experiences I WOULD NEVER know what compassion REALLY MEANS, when you have forgiveness for all the fear that you have and KNOW that FEAR IS NOT REAL and THAT THERE IS NO REAL LAW THAT SUPPORTS or SUSTAINS that reality in the higher dimensions – LITERALLY, its common sense really that you let go and to every thought that says ‘OMG what if, omg if he, omg demons, omg pain’ etc you WILL REALIZE that this is all basic BULLSHIT. That’s all there is REALLY TO IT. SIMPLE. For all that PAIN is due to the ILLUSIONARY FEAR matrix created, YOU FELT it as it WAS REAL because get this straight WE ARE CREATORS – WE EXPERIENCE WHAT VIBE WE TUNE INTO. So all you can really do is FORGIVE THAT aspect of your self that is an illusion which is EGO, it feels real because your powerful obviously, we’ve established that BY NOW. The more you forgive your lower self for giving you all the thoughts of LIMITATION -FEAR-PAIN, the more you’re going to reflect the compassion outwards cuz’ every person you see outside who is a LOW VIBRATIONAL being, you’ll start to see them as THE EGO – LOWER MIND itself. EGO IS is not your’s or his, IT JUST IS A FAKE MATRIX of a collective which you usually in comfort WILLINGLY unconsciously tune into. That’s what we mean by saying , ‘Step out of your comfort zone’ We don’t mean like move a mountain, do hard work, HELP ALL EVEN THOUGH they don’t ask for it, heal everybody and all that BS. YOU HAVE TO HELP YOURSELF FIRST. This is a simple fact, comfort in your mind is lower vibrational energies, which you are so used to, even though they cause you pain and FEAR, you tie YOURSELF to them cuz’ you don’t want to leave your comfort zone and THAT IS YOUR EGO.
Forgive your own EGO. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT, NEVER WAS. You don’t have to believe the pain is not enough to transcend, Maybe I need to cry more and all that BS. For pain is NOT EVEN necessary in LIFE! Seriously -__-

Let me put it out there raw, if you don’t do this and don’t understand forgiveness, I am pretty sure you know how that’s going to turn out. PEOPLE IRRITATE YOU, piss you off TO THE LIMITS, you don’t even want to be around human beings anymore, forgetting that is your EGO wanting that. Your EGO does not understand this because YOU AS YOUR TRUE SELF need to forgive your EGO and EGO cant forgive itself, cum’on now its common sense. So when you forgive every thought, you automatically shift infinite timelines and come in the RAINBOW FLOW BABY and the CELEBRATIONS BEGIN and you eventually start to forgive everyone around you, because DAMN! ITS HELLA’ EASIER and people tagged it “enlightenment”, which is just common sense once you are fed up with having your life lessons on repeat since lifetimes, MANY people are STILL WAITING for something to happen because of which there was created a collective unconscious matrix of the famously known ‘BREAKING POINT OF YOU PAIN which will lead you to ultimate FREEDOM’ and all that, WHICH WILL BE EXPERIENCED BY THEM cuz’ they are waiting and expecting it LOL, its true for many because that’s what they tuned into, which I am not very proud of tuning myself into also, BUT YOU MY DEAR FAMILY DON’T HAVE TO for that WAYSHOWER’S and I, SHIVA, AZAYA LOLA, SUSHMITHA AMURI have gone through what we did so we could help you realize its all BULLSHIT and you need to get over it. There’s no other way into higher dimensions. Love will find you ANYWAY, there is no other way it could be or CAN BE . So relax, LET GO, chill and just keep forgiving people bruh’, it feels GREAT. Tune in and TRY.
YOU SEE? Its simple.


1.With the support of Mother Earth and the Creator, I now emanate from my soul the sacred waves of Light carrying compassion to empower the compassion of the creator within every person on Earth, The Earth is a Space of Compassion and Love ETERNALLY. This is our ONLY collective experience.

2. I am the SOURCE OF COMPASSION. I am in compassion in every moment. I am Kind hearted, Courageous, Strong, caring, Loving, considerate and Forgiving towards self and ALL. 222 I dissipate any FEAR within because there is NO LAW THAT SUSTAINS IT.  11:11. I choose to Manifest Compassion from the truth of my BEING and to become my constant response to my Reality.

3. I NOW ALLOW THE CREATOR to respond to me through People and circumstances with compassion and the ONLY one True LOVE – The purest of LOVE, This is my TRUTH AND EXPERIENCE NOW.

4. I am aware of MY FEAR and that is my greatest strength and every time fear comes up, I FORGIVE!
FEAR IS NOT MY TRUTH, it does not represent my TRUE BEING which is me. I do not own my FEAR, for it is an Illusion. Fear does not represent who I am, I am ready to make and allow changes within my field NOW. I detach completely from fear and become the observer and forgiver of IT and disregard ALL THE PAIN that it has inflicted on me through which I AM EMANCIPATED FULLY. I FORGIVE MY FEAR!


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